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Financial Planning for P&G Employees, Retirees, and Alumni

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As a multi-generational financial and retirement planning firm located in Cincinnati Ohio, HCM Wealth Advisors has helped many P&G families transition into retirement or transition to another career with a P&G separation package by designing intelligent retirement plans. Learn how we can help you and your family create a roadmap for financial independence in your retirement years.

Meet Jim Eutsler, our in-house P&G Retirement Planning Specialist with 15 years experience at P&G working in corporate finance and accounting. Jim has detailed knowledge of the financial aspects of the compensation, bonus and retirement plans distinctive to P&G.


  • Creating a road map of all the components of your P&G plan and benefits that is coordinated with your lifetime financial plan
  • Working through the tax and financial opportunities related to your preferred shares held within the PST
  • Planning options surrounding Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) that may increase your family’s wealth and your retirement income
  • Helping determine a tax efficient gifting strategy which may include the use of a Donor Advised Fund, leveraging the PST P&G preferred shares of stock.
  • Claiming strategies for Social Security that are coordinated with other income streams such as plan distribution, part-time work and portfolio income
  • Determining if a lump-sum distribution is appropriate for you
  • Planning for both timely and tax efficient exercise when stock options, restricted stock units (RSUs) or performance share units (PSUs), are involved in your plan
  • Handling distributions before age 55, between age 55 and 59 ½ and after age 59 ½

We work passionately to help our P&G clients and their families enjoy a financially independent life by offering wealth planning and total-return, tax-efficient, risk-managed investment solutions. Our strategies are built on a foundation of lifetime income that is dependable, diversified, growing and protected.

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