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About Us

HCM Wealth Advisors was founded in 1990 with one simple goal: make sure anyone who worked hard and saved well could achieve a secure and financially independent retirement.  

Why do people choose to work with us? HCM is: 

  • Fiduciary: HCM Wealth Advisors has accepted a fiduciary duty to every one of our clients both ethically and legally. That means we put your interests first, always. This is the highest legal duty from one partner to another, binding us to act ethically and in your best interest.
  • Fee-Only: HCM Wealth Advisors is a fee-only registered advisory firm. That means we don’t make money from commissions or any other sources other than the fees our clients pay for our services. It also means we won’t be trying to sell you complicated or expensive financial products that you don’t need. Simply put: we do better when you do better, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your best interests at heart.
  • Independent: HCM Wealth Advisors is proud to be independent. We are not a subsidiary of a larger company, which means no one from New York will be telling us how to handle our relationship with you. We make decisions to benefit you, not the stock price of a national firm.

We offer:

  • Financial Independence: Financial independence in retirement doesn't just happen. It takes planning, commitment and a great team guiding you. HCM Wealth Advisors takes great pride in working closely with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to make the best tax, investment, and financial decisions to support your financial independence.
  • Retirement Income Security: HCM Wealth Advisors believes strongly in a dividend-growth strategy. By including companies that pay growing dividends in your wealth plan, you benefit from dependable, diversified cash returns that have historically grown faster than inflation, helping you achieve real financial independence.
  • Tax Planning: Your tax burden is one of the few financial variables you can control.  HCM Wealth Advisors can design an efficient tax plan as part of your larger wealth plan, and we can help you prepare your tax return. We make the entire process easy.
  • Family Office:  All organizations benefit from centralized financial operation. Families are no different. HCM Wealth Advisors can fill the role of your Family’s Chief Financial Officer, from bill payment to managing your family's foundation.

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